Professional DJ Entertainment with a Personal Touch

Noun 1. ambience - a particular environment or surrounding influence;

"There was an atmosphere of excitement."

The Art of the DJ

Ambient Pro DJ’s is the premier mobile DJ company that brings the “Art of the DJ” to every event. We take our experience from radio, nationally recognized music festivals, club residencies, and fashion shows to make your prom, corporate party, or wedding a high end entertainment experience. Ambient Pro DJ’s prides itself on tailoring each event for each specific customer. We take your dreams and make them a reality.

“I think there’s a whole element that’s lost out there of how grand a party can be.  What drama, and what can really happen when somebody plays music that’s not just a succession of beats or a collection of this week’s new releases, but is actually an inspired reading; it’s a message; it’s a telling.” – Francois Kevorkian


“A DJ is there to participate.  He should have one foot in the booth and the other on the dancefloor.” –  David Mancuso


“A DJ that doesn’t dance is like a writer who doesn’t read.” – DJ Ecliptik


“The art of DJing involves being able to recognize the variety of personality and emotion in a room and yet being able to unite them in one accord with the right music.” – Justin Josiah Ratliff/Ambient Pro DJ’s