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"To engage the culture and inspire a generation to follow their destiny in Christ through a unique blend of music and art. That is my mission." - DJ Josiah

About DJ Josiah

Josiah Freebourne Promo from Daniel Cook on Vimeo.

Josiah Freebourne is one of the most sought after Chrisitan DJ’s as he has had the honor of playing many concerts, conferences, and music festivals across the United States. Some events of note include the Ichthus Music Festival, Heavenfest, Youth Quest (Atlanta), Cornerstone Music Festival, Awestruck Experience, Spirit Midwest, and Lifelight. He has been a resident DJ for Project Purpose on Power WLOU in Louisville, KY. and now hosts a show called Holy Vibes on God Radio based in Greece. Josiah has been very involved in helping develop the Christian Electronic Dance Music scene by writing articles and reviews for Tastyfresh.com, the longest running Christian Electronic Dance Music website and having mixes featured on God’s DJ’s internet radio station.  He has also produced events featuring Christian DJ’s with a focus on making an impact in the lives of youth and the community.  Josiah Freebourne uses a unique combination of music, art, and ministry that allows people to experience the love of Jesus Christ.

Character References

Josiah is man of great character. He has a testimony that is 2nd to none. God has brought him through a lot. He has an interesting ministry. He uses music and his testimony to minister the Gospel to young people all over the country. I strongly recommend him and his ministry to any church or youth group. James Martin/Concert Promoter/Vevay, IN
Josiah is a killer DJ with a killer heart. Don't hesitate in booking him. Luke Bodley /Executive Producer of Heaven Fest /Denver, CO
I've known Josiah for over a year. In that time I have come to know his heart for God and his desire to make God's name known. I've ministered with Josiah at both Ichthus Festival 2009 and 2010 and Heavenfest 2010.I remember Josiah pouring out his time and effort for one young Ichthus volunteer who was struggling in his marriage. Josiah ministered to him and prayed with him. The best part about it was that weeks later, since Josiah stayed in contact, he heard that the young man was going to be with his wife in another state. This year at heavenfest Josiah and I lead 2 kids to Christ backstage at the Techno Dome. It was amazing. Josiah spoke into their lives, Jesus showed up and they were changed! I've noticed how Josiah stays connected to those he ministers to at his shows etc. This is amazing. I believe Josiah will be an asset to any ministry team, plus he is a great DJ. Jon Burgess / Transform DJ's / Denver, CO
I have personally found DJ Josiah to be of the utmost character & integrity in the past. The first thing I was impressed about with Josiah was his humbleness. I have dealt with speakers, pastors, and people in general that have a prideful spirit. Regardless of one's talent, if they are tarnished with a great deal of pride I, personally, will not use them. Josiah has a genuine love and respect for people and I appreciate that in him. As a DJ, Josiah can take songs and mix them up and make a unique sound. I once said that he could take a Sandy Patti song and make it Electronic Dance Music. He did a wonderful job at our church camp this summer and I'm sure we will use him again in the future. Jason Quellhorst / Youth Pastor / Cornerstone Christian Fellowship/Waldron, IN
Josiah has a unique ministry that reaches young people that many churches are never able to reach. He does so with love, grace, and a personal testimony that connects with them. Josiah is culturally relevant and spiritually sensitive, an effective combination for evangelism.Dr. Mike Voigts / Professor / Asbury Bible College / Asst. Pastor / St. Luke's UMC Lexington, KY
Since the early days of our ministry Josiah has been not only been a member, but an active supporter of the furthering of Christian electronic dance music. I would certainly consider him one of the original members of GodsDjs.com back when we only had a dozen or so in the ministry. Since then our numbers have grown to nearly 2000 worldwide members and the Lord has blessed us with a very successful online radio station and music sales download portal. If it wasn't for guys like Josiah (and the grace of God) none of this would be possible. Nate Carlisle / Founder: GodsDjs.com L.L.C./ ChristianDanceMusic.net /Detroit, MI
The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. This is Josiah. He has a very strong character and the ministry in which he operates is essential in winning souls for Christ. DK Kelly / Project Purpose / Louisville, KY