Ministry Of Victory Everyday

Host a M.O.V.E. event at your Music Fest, Conference, Summer Camp, or Youth Event!

M.O.V.E. stands for ministry of victory everyday.  This is something Christians have access to by faith in Jesus Christ.  As we pursue a deeper relationship with Christ on a daily basis then we will become more and more victorious in our lives as we become more like Him.  We want to help MOVE the hearts of a generation towards their destiny in Christ.  We hope to inspire them but you will have to disciple them.  Together we can help a generation MOVE into their calling!  This is how we can help…

This high energy trio brings a unique combination of DJing, Dancing, and Graffiti art to any concert or music festival. They have been expressing their faith in Christ through the art of DJing, Dancing, and Graffiti at events such as Ichthus Music Festival, Heavenfest, Cornerstone, Lifelight.  If you want to add a huge impact to your event you need to bring these guys in!  They not only bring the gospel with a thunderous performance but also can be used as speakers or hold workshops for DJing, Graffiti/Painting, and Dance. 

Meet the crew 


   Josiah Freebourne has been sharing his art as a DJ at concerts, conferences, and music festivals across the nation.  He has DJed on radio stations sharing his high energy mixing of Electrohouse and currently hosts a show at the top of every month for God Radio based in Greece.  He speaks regularly to youth and adults.  He shares his testimony of faith and speaks about finding one’s identity in Christ.  He has also written articles for, the longest running website for Christian’s in Electonic Dance Music culture.





   Kyle McIntosh got into graffiti art by getting into the wrong crowd in the streets of Indianapolis.  After coming into a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, Kyle began to use his art to express his faith.  He has taught art in private schools, been commissioned for community projects, and opened up for Manafest at Unity Fest 2011.  He loves to show youth how they can make an impact with graffiti art, in a legal way, that glorifies our Creator.  Kyle loves to share his testimony and speak to youth telling them of the Grace and Mercy found at the cross.  Kyle can also do workshops for artists showcasing a variety of styles empowering them to use their gifts for God.




   Jimmy King is a phenomenal dancer that met Josiah three years ago at the Ichthus Music Festival in Wilmore, Ky.  He showcases several different styles of dance throughout each performance.  When you meet Jimmy your first impression will be that he is a very quiet and polite youngman.  But when he is in his element the gift of God shines bright and full of confidence…not in himself but the One he is dancing for.