Prom night is every student’s night to shine like never before!  Ambient Pro DJ’s will transform your venue into an environment where everyone will feel like a star.  We will help make your prom a magnificant production that will memorialize the greatness that your students aspire to.  With mezmerizing video visuals, high tech lighting, and MTV style DJing your high school prom is going to be the talk of the city!  Our DJ’s can perform like scratch DJ’s and do live remixes to the latest hits.  We pride ourselves on meeting the school’s standards for content by playing edits of the most popular dance hits that the students will love.  Ambient Pro DJ’s take the style of a massive club event combined with your prom’s theme and makes magic happen!

“A DJ is there to participate.  He should have one foot in the booth and the other on the dancefloor.” –  David Mancuso



“The art of DJing involves being able to recognize the variety of personality and emotion in a room and yet being able to unite them in one accord with the right music.” – Justin Josiah Ratliff/Ambient Pro DJ’s



“A DJ that doesn’t dance is like a writer who doesn’t read.” – DJ Ecliptik



“I think there’s a whole element that’s lost out there of how grand a party can be.  What drama, and what can really happen when somebody plays music that’s not just a succession of beats or a collection of this week’s new releases, but is actually an inspired reading; it’s a message; it’s a telling.” – Francois Kevorkian