Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life.  Ambient Pro DJ’s sets the perfect ambience for your perfect night.  We will consult with you to get a feel of what kind of reception you want for this wonderful day.   We provide a seamless flow from dinner, ceremonies, to the dancefloor.   Our DJ’s know how to read a crowd and keep the party going.  We specialize in making a continuous mix with a variety of genres that builds the momentum of the night into a grand experience!

“The art of DJing involves being able to recognize the variety of personality and emotion in a room and yet being able to unite them in one accord with the right music.” – Justin Josiah Ratliff/Ambient Pro DJ’s



“A DJ that doesn’t dance is like a writer who doesn’t read.” – DJ Ecliptik

“A DJ is there to participate.  He should have one foot in the booth and the other on the dancefloor.” –  David Mancuso




“I think there’s a whole element that’s lost out there of how grand a party can be.  What drama, and what can really happen when somebody plays music that’s not just a succession of beats or a collection of this week’s new releases, but is actually an inspired reading; it’s a message; it’s a telling.” – Francois Kevorkian